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The general overview


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Visualising the progress made in the restoration

  • National nature reserves (RND): The RND Management Committee of Neufchâteau delivered a favourable opinion 15 December 2010 on implementing the restoration plans produced by the LIFE-Lomme project. The restoration plans define and explain in detail the exact locations of the various stages of work to be undertaken in the RNDs of Troufferies de Libin, la Fange de Tailsus, la Haie à Chenot and the Pré des Forges. These plans are the result of consultations among owners, local managers (DNF, farmers), naturalists and scientific experts. The work first began in early 2011.
  • Public holdings: the following public holdings agreed to take part in the LIFE-Lomme project in order to restore natural habitats on their holdings: municipality of Libin (110 hectares), Province of Luxembourg - Domaine de Mirwart (30 hectares), municipality of Tellin (42 hectares), municipality of Libramont (48 hectares), municipality of Saint-Hubert (49 hectares), municipality of Wellin (17 hectares) and the Fabrique d'église de Smuid (1.6 hectares).
  • Privately-owned land: in 2011, practically all of the private land owners with land that was interesting from a biological point of view or land with a high potential for restoration were contacted. An offer was made to them for the buyback of their plot of land with compensation where applicable for the anticipated felling of resinous trees. The land in question covers approximately 70 hectares. All of the plots bought up within the scope of the LIFE- Lomme project will be established as RNDs and will ultimately become property of the Region of Wallonia.